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Whether you’re just noticing your roof leak or trying to maintain your roof so it won’t leak and cause major damages, Mega Remodeling is your best source for roofers and roofing contractors in Moorpark, CA.  Finding a roofing contractor with Mega Remodeling is easy because all of our referrals are prescreened and can provide roof license and equivalent license/certificate to repair your roof or replace your roof by code. Our roofers have tons of experience in Moorpark and successful have upgrade residential roofs. If your roof is old and needs replacement, consider using our free referral system to find your roofing contractor today.

How old is too old for a roof?

If you recently purchased your home, you can go to your local city and ask for permits pulled on your roof to determine when the last roof repair/replacement was done. You can get a history of permits pulled and determine the age of your roof. Once you determine the age of your roof, homeowners then can determine how much potential life a roof has till it’s time to replace. It is said by industry standards to repair your roof every decade and replace

Roof Leaks and How to Repair

If your roof is leaking and you are considering waiting till you can afford to repair the leak, know you are going to pay double or triple the amount. Mega Remodeling is a key player in preventing roof leaks and helps homeowners find licensed roofers that do roof inspections in hopes of preventing roof leaks. If a homeowner has not taken the necessary precautions to avoid roof leak by inspecting it prior to the rainy season, we can help you find a roofer that can do the repairs in Moorpark and nearby cities. Roof leaks can occur due to many different reasons. Most promenade reason for roof leaks is foundation shifts. A homeowner with a faulty foundation can experience many roof leaks and not be aware of it. Also, roof leaks can occur if it is badly sealed. Repairing it would be determining the condition of your foundation, and going from the ground up.

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Quick Reason To Upgrade

Well maintained roof will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.

Roofs that have leaks are wasting energy costs

Roof leaks during rainy season can cause water damage and mold

Mold is a killer

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