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If you are looking for a FREE painting estimate for your home, we love to offer multiple quotes from local painting contractors in Ventura, CA. When you look to hire a painting service for your home, what are the most important factors to consider? Homeowners often review a painting contractor’s license, experience, type of painting services they specialize, and reputation prior to inviting them for an estimate. We have done the research for you, and offer either a painting licensed contractor, or a licensed general contractor for your painting services. Most often, homeowners enjoy a fresh coat of paint for the exterior or interior of the house. Homeowners that are interested in selling often consider painting services. Fill out our web-form and let us find a professional painter for your home today.

Painting Exterior wood trims

Mega Remodeling works with only the best exterior wood trim painters in Ventura. Get your wood trims repaired, replaced and painted properly. Painters that work with Mega Remodeling offer only the best service, lead-free paints that last long and custom solutions.

Exterior Stucco Repairs and Painting

Mega Remodeling and our network of local painting contractors offer a wide variety of stucco repairs, and custom painting services. Comparing prices with different Painters in Ventura Community is easy with Mega Remodeling. Try us today!

Affordable Painters in Ventura

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“I found affordable painters for my home through Mega Remodeling. Easy and effortless”

Mary  T.

“I needed to sell my house, and decided to get it painted prior to putting it on the market. Found Johns painters and got a quote. Loved them, hired them, and sold my house. Great Work”

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