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Exterior Painting in Ventura County

When it comes to exterior paint, Mega Remodeling has the best network of painting contractors that offer licensed work at a competitive price. It takes a lot to get an exterior painting project right.

Planning the exterior painting project

When planning for an exterior painting project, there are elements to consider. What type of paint is required to get the best results? Considering the type of color balances between trims and flat surfaces can add depth and design for homeowners. Mega Remodeling’s network of painting contractors ensure the planning stages of the painting project is done accurately and thus in turn, homeowners understand exactly how the project will turn out once the crew goes in and paints!

Types of Painting Services

Are you interested in shinny paint or flat paint? Modern designs consist of mostly flat paint with different complimentary colors to add depth.

What type of brand would best provide the quality and durability homeowners require? Edwards paint and other more known brands offer accurate depictions of what the color will result in the end of the project. Also, certain brands tend to last longer during normal weathers and would benefit homeowners significantly if they choose a premium brand verses a substitute.

How many gallons would I need to paint the exterior of my house? Our network of painting contractors have done hundreds of exterior residential painting projects and can correctly asses the amount of paint required. General rule of thumb is dividing each big square from total square footage of the house.

To begin, consider filling out a short online form for your exterior painting project. The best crews in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and Riverside counties at your fingertips.

Exterior painting

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