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Drought Landscaping Estimates in Moorpark

If you are looking for a great price on removing your current grass and installing drought friendly landscaping, you are in Luck. Mega Remodeling offers world-class drought landscapers that serve the Thousand Oaks community. Drought landscapers in the Mega Remodeling network offer free quotes, custom prices, and amazing service. Compare DROUGHT LANDSCAPING CONTRACTORS with Mega Remodeling and enjoy a custom designed landscaping for your home in Thousand Oaks, CA.

5 Reasons to go Drought Landscaping

Save up to 80% more water with Drought Landscaping. Drought landscaping services combined with concrete paver stones help homeowners upgrade and design their backyards into something beautiful. Custom designs available with each contractor.

Succulents are wildly beautiful. Succulent landscaping also known as a California Friendly Landscaping offers a wide variety of options for homeowners to choose from. There are hundreds of different native succulents that thrive in our environment and require very little water. Creative drought landscaping and succulent designs for homeowners.

Drip irrigation Systems use water where you need it most. That is one of the best things about drip irrigation systems as it’s designed to water just the plants verses a large area. Keep your succulents hydrated with drip irrigation systems.

Remove unnecessary trees to save water. Removing trees that require an abundance of water will help you save money, and keep your yard clean. Homeowners that choose to remove trees will help prevent termite damage, and keep water costs low.

Removing your grass can keep your allergies to a minimum. Homeowners that have allergies can remove the lawn and install artificial turf to keep the appearance without the allergies. Save money on maintenance, save money on allergy pills by going drought friendly today.

Fill out our simple and free web form and compare prices from multiple drought specialists in your community.  Drought Landscaping Contractors helping thousand oaks upgrade and go drought landscaping today.

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Michelle A.

“Needed my lawn redone with succulents and concrete. Found Novel Remodeling with Mega and loved the work they provided.”

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“Redid my backyard with Patio Lattice cover and succulents. Amazing results!”

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