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Jeffery L. - “We recently bought a house and was in need of a general contractor to remodel from flooring to painting and more. We used Mega Remodeling and discovered how easy it was to find licensed contractors. We recommend Mega Remodeling because it was very easy for us to use and loved their selection of contractors. Got 3 quotes, and chose one and love my new home.”

Sara K. - “As a single mother, its hard to find a reliable contractor. I had many bad experiences on Craigslist and I thought I try Mega Remodeling. I was astonished at how easy it was. I requested an estimate for my stairs, and got a trusty handyman that was licensed to repair wood railings. I would recommend.”

Johnson N. - “My kitchen was falling apart and I needed a contractor to quickly repair the damages before I sold it. I had Mega Remodeling and other referral sites send me contractors. I chose a professional from Mega Remodeling network because of the affordable price and easy going attitude. Got the job done at half the cost.”

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